Wednesday, July 28, 2010

School Space

So, last post I hinted that I spent most of last week getting the physical space ready. We haven't always had a room dedicated to homeschool and even once we did, that didn't mean we usually did 'school' in it. But with the amount of resources I've collected, I just need a room for the stuff- having space to work in is nice too. After awhile, one gets tired of finding books and papers all over the house, or the opposite, not being able to find certain books or papers all over the house. So this year, I plan to have all the current homeschoolers work in the basement school room on most days. [I am sure the fireplace will call us at some point, but that's a later post] Here's the basement space:

The "library" holds the HF, biography, and leisure reading, also includes hot wheels tracks and fisher price people:

The closet sports multi-drawer office, school, science and craft supplies. Another door hides games, puzzles and electronic gaming accessories. [ie the Rock Band stuff]
Looking the other direction you can see the dress-up/sewing corner and our huge dry erase board. I removed the huge 8 ft table for a much smaller one, using the logic that smaller must hold less stacks than bigger.
View of room from the library. All the books in the 'school' area are curriculum related resources. You would not believe the amount of stuff I had to through out or donate to get this place looking like this. I had a lot of friends to help. Letting go is not my strong suit, but I do have great friends!

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