Saturday, July 24, 2010

Trisms and SWR Q&A

I have just a couple of specific curriculum I'd like to answer questions about: Trisms and SWR. Use the question and answer gadget at the bottom of my page to ask questions and any related posts will appear in the categories list to the right. Start with the first Q&A in each category to view links first before posting. Thanks!


  1. I am currently using MOH but am looking ahead to High School. How does Trisms work, what do you like and not like about it?

  2. Trisms is researched based. Meaning the content is not included; it must be found. Assignments are posted on a unit grid with the details on the pages following the grid. Trisms includes questionnaires for several subject areas with the assignment to be researched. [For example in History Makers there is s science category that will assign a scientist to research] Timeline, maps, and some art opportunities are also included. The language arts section incorporates the IEW TWSS system, so if you want to use it you will need to purchase TWSS for your student.

    I like it because it is chronological. I like that it's more like a unit study, but doesn't have too much to choose from. [whereas many unit studies are not chronological and give you a page of 'choices'] I like that it has enough assignments without being overwhelming. We look at the grid and decide what to do when or whether to do an assignment at all. Once you train the kids on how to use it, it's very independent. However, if you want to be involved it lends well to group projects, reading out loud, discussions and such. I have done it alone and have done it in a small co-op. Both ways have pros and cons.

    Some of my older children did not like it, though I think they mostly just did not want to work, no matter what the curriculum. Sometimes reading the text, answering the chapter questions and being done looks so much better. However, that's not what I want for my kids, so my next 4 kids won't get out of it.

    I add Christian resources. I am a firm believer in worldview studies, so I incorporate that into it. I wish there was a Trisms w/ it already included, but there is no perfect curriculum. My most favorite Christian history resources are, Diana Waring's History revealed [both could be stand alone history courses] and books by John Eidsmoe. But you can't do it all.