Sunday, November 21, 2010

Simple Lapbook for studying

So, my younger 2 students have started Latin this fall. [Prima Latina] An 11 year old friend is teaching it to them and she asked them to make vocabulary cards in order to study their Latin. Unfortunately, they have not been keeping up, they can't keep their cards contained, and they just don't use them. Also, when they are filling in the assignments, they groan about having to look back in the book for the answers or for a vocabulary word. So, I decided they needed a simple lapbook as a vocabulary reference/study guide. The Latin words are in alphabetical order and under the Latin words are the English translations. This way, they can easily and quickly look up a word or study all of their words in one place. Because it's a folder size, it fits neatly with the rest of their homework. If you think I do this kind of thing all the time; don't. I simply go in spurts. I had a few ideas in my head and since they were simple, I managed to get them done. A recent thing I 'discovered' was that I could use one of those window decorating markers to make a 'to do' list right on my bathroom mirror! Currently, I have about 4 crafty items listed on my mirror: this and the glitter name are crossed off. . . 2 more to go.

Cordell's is blue on the outside, 'manilla' on the inside. His sister's is all pink.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pre-school Tracing

My internet friend and SWR trainer, Britta McColl recommended making your child a glitter or puffy paint name that they could practice tracing with their finger. I believe it is to be big so as to provide large motor movements, not usual print size. This is a pre-writing skill, because while tracing has it's usefulness, we do not want to rely on tracing too much using a pencil. For now, this is a great way to familiarize my daughter with her name, practice large motor movements for writing readiness, and get her excited about learning. We also teach cursive first, since it is actually easier for young children and is historically the style of choice for first timers. So here she is proudly displaying her name: