Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ready, Set, Go. . . Umm, not quite

I love taking 'vacation' from 'homeschool!' I'm not so good about getting back into it. Thus my kids are not so good at it either. I had planned to have the first 2 weeks in January be 'half-time' weeks to ease into it. Well, it's turning out to be more like 1/32nds or something. We are all recovering from days and days of staying up all night and recuperating from sinus infections. [I don't know why, but we love to stay up all night- despite the disadvantages] We still have a few 'special events' during this time too. I always celebrate my birthday [1/5] usually extending it the entire week if I can manage to. [out w/ my older girls, out w/ the youngest kids, out w/ my girlfriends, out w. my dh. . . you get the idea] So that's a distraction. And Next Week my oldest leaves for Navy Bootcamp. [boo. :(] So lots of distractions there too. I really want to get back into the normal routine, but not if it's just going to be disrupted again!. We did do Latin w/ our friends on Monday and maybe we'll tackle a few things Thursday and Friday. Next week, I hope to to do at least as much. Happy New Year!