Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Worthy to post?

I must make a confession. I have been waiting for something worthy to post. While it's true the holidays are always busy and I've had a whirlwind first couple of months in the new year- those aren't the only reasons I have not posted since November. . . Because of my busyness and going and going. . . the 'homeschool' that's been going on has not been easily recognizable and has certainly not been impressive. I kept thinking, 'I won't post yet, maybe tomorrow, or next tuesday we will do some awesome school thing and then I can blog about it!' I can't believe I've already fallen into that kind of thinking, but then again, yes I can believe it. Don't we worry about our portfolios*? Don't we only want to show the 'good stuff?' Don't we generally want to impress? And really, there's nothing wrong with that to a point; certainly we should put our best foot forward. You don't normally answer the door in pjs and bedhead hair; and you'd especially not want to answer the door that way when Publisher's Clearing House is bringing you a check. And I do believe in a certain level of privacy, I won't share every homeschool detail here, and I don't recommend it. But that's not what was in my head. What was in my head was thinking I needed something super fantastic to share or it wasn't worth blogging at all. [and I do think those little chick hatchings are hard to beat] But for a blog? . . this is different. This is suppose to be real-or at least more realistic. Blogging, is suppose to be a snapshot of daily life; More specifically, this blog is suppose to be a snapshot of day to day homeschooling.

*in our state, we must show 'thorough and regular instruction' through a portfolio review each year, usually its done simply in a 3 ring binder with subject tabs.