Saturday, March 12, 2016

Do You Trust Me?

Has anyone ever asked you this before? It's a popular movie line too. And I know I have asked my kids rhetorically, don't you trust me? As if it would be an easy no brainer.  But it's not easy to trust others and it's especially not easy to trust God, at least not in the day to day minutia.

I had the very real practical application of trust recently that got me thinking.  Do I trust God? Sure in my head. But what about practically, in the moments?    I turned 50 recently and my dear husband knew I wanted something big to mark the occasion. He likes to surprise me and I enjoy surprises, but I didn't want this opportunity missed either.  I was fussin' a bit to certain confidants that I didn't want to know the surprise, I just wanted someone to reassure me I'd like it. It really didn't help that my sisters said they hadn't heard or been invited to anything- which wasn't true, so it freaked me out just a little.   Luckily, I can talk to my Dad and he wisely reminded me; Trust Your Husband.  Ahh, yes, that is what I need to do.  At that reminder, I worked on resting and trusting that he had it all under control.  hmm, just like I need to rest and trust that  HE has it all under control.  A fitting parallel.

I did better on the actual day.  At first I thought Saturday was going to be 'our' day and his event would be Sunday. [He had me block out both days].  We had a fancy breakfast and he seemed to have all day plans.  . . but soon it became a bit obvious that he was stalling for time.  At one point we stopped at a dollar store with an excuse he needed a bandana.  Finally, at a home store, after cruising up and down several aisles claiming he was researching prices,  we headed back to the car where he told me to put on the bandana.   This was it.  Was I going to just trust him and wear this bandana for the duration?  I didn't know how long it was going to take.

After what seemed like driving in circles, on and off the highway and around parking lots, he finally parked. [maybe he didn't go anywhere?!]   With great anticipation, I kept running several possibilities of where we could be going in my head. I knew that soon all would be revealed and I would know all the answers.  Wow, if we could keep that perspective with God, how much more at peace we would be with daily living!

Now it was time for the hard part.  He had to lead me up the curb, down a sidewalk [I guess], up a few steps, down a hallway, across a room up another step or two and then turned me around. Several times he would walk beside or behind me, but what I really wanted was him in front so I wouldn't fall!  I had to lean on him and trust him that he wouldn't let me do that!  And this experience really brought home how much my husband and I can truly trust one another.  We are not always perfect, but a little reminder is all we need to trust completely.  I was feeling greatly blessed and continue to feel so as I reflect on not only the wonderful event, but the trust I can have for him. I pray I never lose it.  And I pray that it will be a constant reminder to trust my Heavenly Father just as much.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Consistent Blogging

Dear Readers,

I read a lot about blogging these days. And one of the frequent mantras I hear is that if bloggers want readers they need to be consistent.  Well, I like that word about as much as water likes to mix with oil, so you can imagine my cringing away of that advice.   I even have a statement on my blog :

Lately, I have been reading a lot about leadership, specifically servant leadership. And blogging has come up, again. If I want to be a 'leader' [i.e mentor, titus2 etc] then I need to be more consistent.  About this same time, I had a eureka moment and realized consistent didn't have to mean a post every day or even every week. I could set a reasonable schedule for me and it would actually help me do what I want to do [but never seem to  'get around' to doing] without guilt or stress.  I want to blog for others to read. And I want to blog for myself.  And as I'm learning, if you want to get it done, you need to schedule it. arghhhh. . .  So,  I have decided to do just that.  I plan to write a new post 4 times a year for 2016.  That means March 1, June 1st, Sept 1st and Dec. 1st.  Look for a new post on or real close to those 4 dates.  And please, leave a comment when you do!