Wednesday, July 28, 2010

School Space

So, last post I hinted that I spent most of last week getting the physical space ready. We haven't always had a room dedicated to homeschool and even once we did, that didn't mean we usually did 'school' in it. But with the amount of resources I've collected, I just need a room for the stuff- having space to work in is nice too. After awhile, one gets tired of finding books and papers all over the house, or the opposite, not being able to find certain books or papers all over the house. So this year, I plan to have all the current homeschoolers work in the basement school room on most days. [I am sure the fireplace will call us at some point, but that's a later post] Here's the basement space:

The "library" holds the HF, biography, and leisure reading, also includes hot wheels tracks and fisher price people:

The closet sports multi-drawer office, school, science and craft supplies. Another door hides games, puzzles and electronic gaming accessories. [ie the Rock Band stuff]
Looking the other direction you can see the dress-up/sewing corner and our huge dry erase board. I removed the huge 8 ft table for a much smaller one, using the logic that smaller must hold less stacks than bigger.
View of room from the library. All the books in the 'school' area are curriculum related resources. You would not believe the amount of stuff I had to through out or donate to get this place looking like this. I had a lot of friends to help. Letting go is not my strong suit, but I do have great friends!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lesson Planning

I meant to get all my lesson planning done last week, but I had a lot of rearranging/organizing to do in our school space first, so here I am still trying to plan. I realized that in my 'younger years' planning didn't seem so complicated. I wondered if it really was less complicated or if I just don't remember as clearly. I certainly wasn't trying to use any fancy programs on the computer back then and my oldest were all young- no high schoolers, so in some ways simpler, but in other ways still the same. I guess my point is, that it's always a good idea- and an effort- to make plans, even if your children are young. The plans are for you- the teacher-parent- so you don't have to do all of your thinking 'on the spot' during the year. I have a difficult time making daily plans, so I concentrate on a weekly plan first. I do want to eventually get down to a daily plan for my oldest, so he can be more independent, but I resist it so much. Maybe this year I will be successful!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Trisms and SWR Q&A

I have just a couple of specific curriculum I'd like to answer questions about: Trisms and SWR. Use the question and answer gadget at the bottom of my page to ask questions and any related posts will appear in the categories list to the right. Start with the first Q&A in each category to view links first before posting. Thanks!

Welcome To Home is the Magic ingredient!

Studying the 2009 Homeschool Progress Report only confirmed what I already knew. If you look at the results, regardless of income, location, parent education OR Curriculum Style Used, Homeschoolers tested well. Why? What is the 'secret ingredient?' Home. Or more accurately, mom and dad. The one-on-one tutoring, which has always been the preferred method for true learners can not be beat. Add in the love and care of a parent and you would have to TRY on Purpose to muff it up. Your style is all your own and will work for your family.

This blog is for encouraging and uplifting you in your daily struggle that will reap great long term benefits.