Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lesson Planning

I meant to get all my lesson planning done last week, but I had a lot of rearranging/organizing to do in our school space first, so here I am still trying to plan. I realized that in my 'younger years' planning didn't seem so complicated. I wondered if it really was less complicated or if I just don't remember as clearly. I certainly wasn't trying to use any fancy programs on the computer back then and my oldest were all young- no high schoolers, so in some ways simpler, but in other ways still the same. I guess my point is, that it's always a good idea- and an effort- to make plans, even if your children are young. The plans are for you- the teacher-parent- so you don't have to do all of your thinking 'on the spot' during the year. I have a difficult time making daily plans, so I concentrate on a weekly plan first. I do want to eventually get down to a daily plan for my oldest, so he can be more independent, but I resist it so much. Maybe this year I will be successful!

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