Tuesday, March 8, 2011


We are very excited and unable to concentrate on much else! It's almost our baby chicks' due date and we're getting some action. At least enough to keep us coming back!. Early this morning I decided to just check on them since I was awake and several of the eggs were wiggling and jumpy!. Then at 8:40am egg #12 developed a little beak hole. The cool thing about egg #12 is that it was one of the 'maybe' too dark eggs- so now we have proff that they were indeed too dark, but really do have chicks in there!

We can see the little beak in there moving and it pokes at the hole every now and then. Not as much wiggling, but a little bit. I think maybe they prefer to wiggle in the stillness of the night, just like most babies. :)

Okay, it's now about 10:00pm tuesday. The chick has made the hole slightly bigger and doing a lot of chirping! We also got our second pip!! Egg #1 has just made a small crack!
We're sleeping in the living room with them so we can be close if any more action occurs.

Here's Egg # 12 as of 9:37 on 3/8/11:

And here's a little movie: [my daughter is reading a book to us as we watch the egg!]

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