Wednesday, October 13, 2010

SWR progress

On a really good note, my younger 2 students are making real progress in SWR. It took us a few weeks to get back to 40 words a week, but we did it this week!! yay. Also, we are well under 20 minutes for 20 words as long as the toddler doesn't interrupt too badly, so that's great news too. That means we have time for enrichments or just to keep up with reference pages, lol. I am finally learning how to 'add in' the enrichment during the dictation or quizzing time. For instance, today we briefly discussed prepositions since many of today's words fell in that category. I also looked up the term palindrome during 'class.' I noticed that the spelling word 'noon' was one, but couldn't remember the name. A word that is spelled the same forward and backward. So, I googled it on my iphone as the kids wrote it in their logs- then I was able to read the blurb I found on it. very cool. In addition to getting faster, they are getting better at remembering the words. Usually, the quiz is practically another dictation with the number of hints required and the Friday tests had been hovering in the 50% range. Lately, though, I have noticed that they are doing much better on both quizzing and testing; getting between 70-90% on recent tests. I'm looking forward to this week's test to see if the trend continues.


  1. HI Deborah, I love your new blog! Thank you for sharing your life with all us moms! Just found out from SWR yahoo that you have an artist mom who is a lefty! (You really ought to put your great lefty post on the blog as well!) Anyway, my husband is an artist too, so here I have made another connection with you! Britta

  2. Yay, my first comment!! Thanks Britta. Your wish is my command. I will post my 'lefty' post; post haste. -deborah