Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Oh where oh where has my school day gone?

Well, I've been delaying another post, waiting to actually 'do something' to post about. As it seems it will never happen, I'd better post anyway. Ocean City was great. Two weeks was perfect. We had perfect weather for 12 days and then it rained the last 2! We ended up listening to HP 6 AND 7. [ Yay, Library across the street from our Hotel!! How cool was that?] And didn't do any reading. Probably because I bragged about it in advance. That'll teach me.

I thought I'd be really ready to jump right in and be so organized, but it's taking me forever to get into a groove. We are doing a little bit every day, just not much more than that or what I had planned. I think we are improving this week though, so hope springs eternal. It's a short week as we are taking Friday off to socialize with some good friends. Then I'm sure we'll do an extra good 'push' before the holidays get here and we have another break.

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