Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Buy Independent!

I haven't done a lot of endorsement of homeschool curriculum, mostly because I believe there is a LOT of great material out there and mostly because I truly think what works is going to be personal to you with very few exceptions.
I'm also not wanting to tempt parents that are perfectly happy with what they have to switch to something new.  Just because it's new, doesn't make it better and there's some high value to becoming an expert at the resource you do use. [over and over! It comes with practice baby]

So with all that in mind, there is one thing I can recommend.  And that's to buy Independent!!    If you are looking, check out the products HERE at the Homeschool Resource Roadmap to make sure they are independent of common core before you spend your money.     I know Tina includes other resources as well, but for me personally, if you are in the market to buy something- vote with your dollars and support independents!

Homeschoolers fought a very hard battle to even be legally recognized.  It took years before publishers and authors started providing homeschool specific resources. Most of my favorites are produced by homeschool parents themselves!  Individual State groups continue to battle state by state to keep our homeschooling free with minimal government entanglements.  Let's not lose our freedom even a tiny bit by supporting this Federal takeover. [which is what it is, really].  Let businesses know you are shopping independent and that you appreciate their independent stance.

Some independent resources I've just discovered that look good.
[doesn't mean they're new, I just rarely look anymore]
Classical Historian
Shakespeare in Bits

My long time favorites:
Spell to Write and Read
Institute for Excellence in Writing [IEW]
History Revealed
Truth quest History 

If you want to know more about the history of common core and why we all should oppose it, read here.   For more in-depth anaylsis of our government school system, read John Taylor Gatto's books, such as the Underground History of Education.

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